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See what happy parents and adult students have to say about their experience taking lessons at Zamek Music. 

Robert Mian


"My daughter started voice lessons with Mrs. Zamek as a sophomore in high school in early 2018. In the Fall 2020 she will begin her college journey studying classical voice at Mannes School of Music. The remarkable transformation that took place within my daughter over 2 short years is a testament to Mrs. Zamek’s extraordinary capabilities as a teacher and as a wonderful human being.  


Mrs. Zamek is not your typical vocal instructor. She’s an accomplished working musician who is always eager to share her insights, experiences and vast resources to help in any way she can. For example, she helped my daughter prepare for the lead in two musicals, solo performances at two annual festival chorus events at the PepsiCo Theatre, and even a Young Artists Showcase. As a result, my daughter has some incredible high school experiences to cherish and to build upon.

In addition to supporting school related activities, Mrs. Zamek created opportunities for her students to showcase their talents through thoughtfully organized winter and spring recitals with an audience of close family and friends in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment. We found these recitals to be joyful and inspiring. And when COVID kept us from getting together in person, Mrs. Zamek organized a Zoom recital which in many ways brought us even closer together as a community of singers and parents. Here again, a testament to her dedication to her students. 


Mrs. Zamek played a significant role in helping our daughter get into a top college music conservatory. She picked the right songs, created a sensible practice schedule, taught proper diction in German and Italian, coached her on the nuances of live audition, and even made arrangements for recording her audition videos. She was also there to provide emotional support throughout the roller-coaster college admissions process. Of course we could not be more pleased with the end result.


I could go on and on about the positive impact that Mrs. Zamek has had on my daughter. There are so many more examples. Did I mention that she encouraged my daughter to organize a one hour solo recital on Zoom last month, and that over 100 people tuned in for the live show? It was another incredible experience.

By now I hope you can understand why I think Mrs. Zamek is far from a typical vocal instructor. Her impact reaches far beyond a weekly lesson and she teaches much more than just vocal technique. We are so grateful to have met her and recommend her without hesitation."   

Laura Seipert 

Board Certified Music Therapist | Voice, piano and guitar teacher

"I am so lucky to have Jessica Zamek as my vocal coach. As a professional singer, I need a teacher who has extensive knowledge of vocal anatomy and technique, a fine-tuned ear to perceive the smallest details, and the knowledge of how to help my authentic voice be free and shine. 

Jessica has all of this and more! I have been working with her for a little over a year and I am amazed by not only how much growth I have experienced vocally, but also my deepened understanding of my voice. And our lessons have all been virtual! Jessica not only cares about my voice, but she also cares about me personally. Many times she has gone out of her way to provide support and guidance to me. With her help, I started my own now successful teaching studio. I am extremely grateful for Jessica. She is professional, thoughtful, and kind." 

Aneesa Young


"Mrs. Zamek has been a real dream to my daughter who had the pleasure of being one of her voice students for almost 2 years, 11th and 12 grade. During this time my daughter's confidence in her voice and in herself reached unbelievable heights. Mrs. Zamek has a very special talent to bring out the best in her students. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of parenting a teenager knows how the last years of high school can become quite stressful. It was the days of meeting with Mrs. Zamek that I was sure to see excitement and joy in my daughter's eyes. She would remember she had a lesson at the start of a day and suddenly be excited to head out to school. And at the end of her lesson days I would have the pleasure to hear about a new song or a new vocal challenge she met. Recitals were amazing, watching so many talented students and listening to Mrs. Zamek speak so fondly of them showing how she managed to have a special connection with each child. Just last week as we moved our college freshman into her dorm at Brown University she said she wished she could find a way to continue her lessons with Mrs. Zamek. In short I would not only recommend Mrs. Zamek I would insist that if you or your child have a love for music and wish to explore the full extent of your talents that lessons with Mrs. Zamek is a must. Thank you Mrs. Zamek for sharing your natural talents. Look forward to following you and your student's accomplishments."

Faith Hardy


"Ms. Zamek is an amazing vocal instructor. She is extremely kind and welcoming and from the first lesson I knew that I would love working with her. She works with every student’s vocal stage and has helped me personally with many roadblocks in my singing career. I have improved so much under her and I even have learned to develop my upper range after she revealed to me that I had a soprano range despite my previous assumption that I was an alto for years. I have sang songs I never thought possible and she has always prioritized passion and meaning in the songs that I have sung. In any given lesson Ms. Zamek quickly adapts and changes a vocal exercise if the first one doesn’t work. Ms. Zamek is more than a vocal instructor she is a mentor. I loved working with her and plan to try and see her whenever I can while I am in college."

Sylvia Hughes


"Mrs. Zamek has been my 17-year-old son's voice teacher for several months now, and I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on his weekly music lessons. From day one I have found Mrs. Zamek to be professional, extremely competent, knowledgeable, and dedicated to teaching my son in the fullest way possible. She always shares valuable methods and any next steps that my son can pursue to improve his singing. He really enjoys the lessons and always looks forward to the next one. He has clearly made gains in the time he’s had with Mrs. Zamek, and her methods helped him greatly during his last performance in his high school musical. I find Mrs. Zamek to be very encouraging, supportive, kinds and finds wonderful ways to make the lesson meaningful to him."

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