Zamek Music presents:

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Online Summer Vocal Workshop for Teens

Are you ready to make music? Would you like to be prepared to audition this fall?

Do you want to connect with other young singers around the world? Would you like the opportunity to work with professionals in the music industry? This workshop is for YOU!

Workshop Dates:

July 20th-31st 2020 (weekdays)

10-3pm (lunch 12-1)

Workshop Location:

Online via Zoom

Ages: 13-18


Faculty Concert- Friday, July 25th 7:30pm

Student Showcase-Friday, July 31st 7:30pm



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A message from our director:


I am thrilled to bring this program to students all over the world! Everyone has an imagination and art brings it to life! Participating in visual and performing arts allows teens to find joy in expressing themselves and understanding those around them. We are excited to offer our workshop online and collaborate with faculty from around the globe! Our workshop is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and their artistic potential. 

Jessica Zamek

Included in the workshop:

Daily group vocal warm up


Singing is a physical process! An athlete stretches before a game or run. Singers need to stretch as well! Together, the group will work on the proper way to prepare their voices for a healthy day of singing.

Daily yoga and movement class with Chad Chaffee


This all-levels class incorporates Pranayama (breath work), Energy awareness (Prana), Asana (posture), and Kinesiology (body mechanics.) Each student is seen as an individual person with unique levels of knowledge and experience. Whether new to Yoga or an advanced practitioner, all students are invited to explore the subtle and physical self on the continuous journey to their own personal PEAK. 


Chad’s classes are heart centered, compassionate, and driven to honor and respect the body and mind in its present state. As a yoga practitioner, he understands the transformative effects that mindful coordinated breath and movement can create both on and off the mat. Through asana poses and guided breath, students both new and experienced can find a welcome space in this class. Chad is Kripalu certified, Yoga Alliance registered, a trained meditation leader, and a Reiki II practitioner. Chad has also completed the Embodyoga™ teacher training under the tutelage of Corinne Andrews and Patty Townsend. In addition he also assists in yoga teacher trainings at Yoga Center Amherst. A graduate of the 2018 University of Massachusetts, his degree focus is on Wellness within the Arts and Administration with a focus on Vocal Performance; blending his love of music and performance with his passion for yoga and wellness. Chad has worked with various sports programs, conventions, and special events to share his knowledge of movement, breathe, and wellness. Chad also has served on the board of directors for the Amherst Ballet and performs regularly with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in addition to local vocal and violin ensembles.

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Interactive Singer/songwriter classes with established and inspiring musician, Elizabeth Clifton


Did you ever have a feeling that you wanted to express in song, but you couldn’t find exactly the right song to fit the feeling? Or a poem that you loved, that you wanted to be able to set to music in order to fully express its meaning? Being a singer who can also write songs comes more easily to some of us than others, but it’s a goal that every singer can achieve with practice. In this 5 hour workshop, spaced over 2 weeks, we will lay the foundation for young singers to become songwriters. Or, if you already write your own songs, we will help you work toward new songwriting goals. Workshop topics include: learning from our favorite singer/songwriters, breaking down the elements of a song, working with lyrics, working with melody, and putting it all together!


Elizabeth Clifton is a Certified Music Together teacher and has been an early childhood music educator since 2007. Elizabeth studied voice for eight years, including 4 years at Haverford College, and holds a master's degree in social work (MSW) from Virginia Commonwealth University. She currently works as a music and voice teacher at Dutchess Day School in Millbrook, NY, teaches preschool music at Hawk Meadow Montessori School, and teaches family music classes with Music Together. She is a member and soloist with the choral arts organization Cappella Festiva and is the director of Cappella Festiva’s Cor Capriccio Children's Choir.  Elizabeth is passionate about helping people of all ages find and grow their singing voices and tap into their musical creativity!

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Acting lab- improvisation, scenes and monologues


Acting Lab: Acting is playing! As singers we need to learn how to “act a song”. This class will include improvisational games, group scenes and solo monologue work. Participants will be coached on diction, physicality of the character and overall presentation. This class is for all levels!

Music Theater Mash Up- Learn and perform scenes with other singers


Musical Theater Mash-Up: Let’s put everything together! Participants will be assigned music  from the following musicals: “Waitress”, “Newsies”, “Grease”, “ A Chorus Line”, “Bring it on”, “Anything Goes”, “Matilda” and more!  Work with other singers daily as we put the building blocks of a scene together! Group numbers, trios, duets and solos! We will present these scenes at the student showcase!

“Nail your next audition”-with director, Jessica Zamek


How you present yourself is very important!  In these interactive classes we will work on headshots, resumes, audition attire and audition binders. Bring your raw materials and we will get them shiny and ready to be seen!

Masterclass: “How to work with your accompanist” with international accompanist, Candy Siu


One of the most valuable assets that singers have is their accompanist! Learn how to prepare for rehearsals, show respect for the accompanist and plan for the most positive outcome from an audition, rehearsal or performance. 

Candy Siu

Candy relocated to Berlin, Germany from Vancouver, Canada, where she worked as a répétiteur at the Vancouver Opera. In addition to working as a repetiteur for the Berlin Opera Academy and The Berlin Opera Group, she also performed on the piano and celesta with the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra. 

Candy received her Master of Music degree in Piano Accompaniment from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, and trained as a répétiteur at the Flanders Operastudio in Gent, Belgium. Her work as a repetiteur has taken her to Italy, France, Austria, England, Ireland, and Portugal.

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Guest Speaker: “Introduction to music therapy” with certified music therapist, Laura Seipert


What careers are available to musicians? This wonderful seminar gives a glimpse into one fantastic option! To get a head start, check out this resource.


Laura is a board-certified music therapist, solo singer, choral singer, song writer, instrumentalist, teacher and lover of all things music who grew up near Denver, Colorado. She completed her Bachelor’s of Science in music therapy at Utah State University of Logan, Utah where she also studied choral education. Laura completed an internship at the University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio and currently works for Avow Hospice in Naples, Florida as a music therapist where she currently works with adults who are on hospice care, special needs children, and individuals who are bereaved.

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NEW addition: **Two private lessons with soprano and dedicated voice teacher, Jessica Zamek


Each participant will receive 2 one on one vocal lessons! Bring your singing to the next level! Work on those tricky spots in your  audition music, begin a role study or perfect music for the workshop.

"Mrs. Zamek has been a real dream to my family. During this time my daughter’s confidence in her voice and in herself reached unbelievable heights. Mrs. Zamek has a very special talent to bring out the best in her students. Mrs. Zamek is more than a voice teacher, she is a mentor.”

Please visit Jessica’s lesson page for more information!